“Remittance” Partners Up with TWC2 for Indiegogo Campaign


Who says charity can’t go hand-in-hand with filmmaking?

As part of our Indiegogo campaign, “Remittance” has partnered with Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), a non-profit organisation in Singapore. “Remittance” will be donating a percentage of the Indiegogo contributions to the organization as part of the Indiegogo perks.

Established in 2003, TWC2 is dedicated to promoting fair treatment for migrant workers. The organization conducts programs that include direct assistance to the foreign workers, research and advocacy. Since 2007, the organization had assisted more than 10,256 workers in issues such as injury cases and salary matters. One of TWC2’s key initiatives is the Cuff Road Project, which had served at least 360,000 free meals to migrant workers since its inception in 2008.

According to co-producer Gwyneth Teo, the partnership was a natural choice. The directors of “Remittance”, Patrick Daly and Joel Fendelman, had been “communicating with some groups under the TWC2 umbrella – such as the Filipino Family Network and Dibashram – to learn more about migrant workers and their lives in Singapore.”

Remittance Film in Dibashram, Singapore - Joel Fendelman & Ng Xi JieDirector Joel Fendelman and Casting Director Ng Xi Jie with migrant workers during an open audition in Dibashram

Gwyneth added, “If we think about migrant workers and non-governmental organizations as an ecosystem, ‘Remittance’ is merely joining the ecosystem to extend the interest to an independent, artistic corner of society.”

With a good cause at hand, why not contribute to the Indiegogo campaign of “Remittance” today?

Visit Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)’s Official Website and LIKE their Facebook Page

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