aidha Partners up with “Remittance” for Indiegogo Campaign

aidha - Remittance

One more good reason to contribute to our Indiegogo campaign!

“Remittance” has partnered with aidha, a non-profit organization that offers programs on financial management and independence to foreign domestic workers in Singapore.

Similar to our previously announced partnership with Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2), “Remittance” will be donating a percentage of the Indiegogo contributions to aidha as part of the Indiegogo perks. The donation will be equally split between the two non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Established in 2006, aidha is a micro-business school that has trained over 2,000 domestic workers in the aspects of leadership, money-management and entrepreneurship. Many of aidha’s graduates have invested in at least two productive investments. This includes starting their own businesses back in their home countries, which supplement the financial support they give to their families and also create jobs for their local communities.

On the partnership, “Remittance” co-producer Gwyneth Teo expresses, “Partnering aidha not only helps us tell the story of domestic helpers in Singapore, it also supports our belief that domestic helpers are first and foremost women who deserve to have lives of dignity.”

So, what are you waiting for? Contribute to the Indiegogo campaign of “Remittance” now, and support two great causes!

Visit aidha’s Official Website and LIKE their Facebook Page

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