How You Can Help

We managed to make our previous feature film David for about $50,000 US Dollars, which was only possible because of the generosity of many talented people who gave their time and support. For Remittance we are working with a similar budget, but it is a much more ambitious production schedule, a higher production value, and our locations are in Singapore and the Philippines. Thanks to many of you, at this point we have raised enough funds to get through production, but we are still short of what it will take to see the project all the way through. Our post production begins October 1 and we have a new Indiegogo campaign open to raise funds for our sound mix, sound design and music. The goal is $5,000, but truthfully, we will need at least double that to get Remittance ready to enter the film festival circuit in the spring of 2014.

The great benefit of our Indiegogo campaign is that if you donate at least $25, a portion of your contribution will go to help our partner NGOs in Singapore. And if we secure a distribution deal that is sufficient to recoup all production costs, the total value contributed via this campaign, will be donated by the production to our partner NGOs. Nothing that you give will end up in our pockets.

We are also always looking for talented people to donate their time and expertise and assist our production. At the moment, we are looking for a public relations manager for Singapore and Asia, as well as some legal services and accounting services. If you would like to get involved on a part time basis, please contact our Remittance Team at: