Our Partners

Please note that if Remittance Film secures a distribution deal that is sufficient to recoup all production costs, the total value contributed via our Indiegogo Campaigns will be donated by the production to our partner NGOs.

Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2)

TWC2 is an established migrant worker NGO in Singapore. At our first meeting with them, we found an ambitious non-profit staff of dedicated social workers and volunteers who serve the needs of a variety of migrant workers. TWC2 is perhaps one for the most vocal organizations for the indignities suffered by transient laborers in Singapore, who are vital to the many construction projects in the cityscape, but who often live in cramped conditions and experience discrimination. TWC2 also serves the legal needs of domestic workers, who sometimes suffer physical and mental abuse at the hands of their employers.

A percentage of the funds we raise via our Indiegogo Remittance campaigns are going to TWC2, to help them maintain their operations.

Learn more about TWC2 at: www.twc2.org.sg


aidha, established in Singapore in 2006, is a micro-business school that trains domestic workers in the areas of leadership, money management and entrepreneurship. Many of aidha’s graduates have invested in at least two productive investments. This includes starting their own business back in their home countries, which then supplements the financial support they give to their families, plus it creates jobs within the local communities. To date, aidha has trained over 2,000 domestic workers.

A percentage of the funds we raise via our Indiegogo Remittance campaigns are going to aidha to assist the conscientious work they do here.

Learn more about aidha at: www.aidha.org