... one of the most moving films I’ve ever seen.
— Kate McFarlane, Sassy Mama Magazine
Remittance Laurels


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The Film


Based upon an original script by Patrick Daly and Joel Fendelman, Remittance is a realistic portrayal of low-wage migrant workers in Singapore shot at real locations with a cast including actual domestic workers.

Remittance follows Marie, a foreign domestic worker from the Philippines as she struggles to cope with demanding employers, long hours of work, and separation from her family. Breaking from the conventional image of maids as labor, the story explores the transformations Marie goes through as a woman dealing with conflicting obligations and aspirations. At its heart, Remittance is a coming of age story about a woman trying to balance living for her family verse living for herself.

This is not just a Singapore story but a global story of the commodification of labor, the exportation of mothers from poor third world countries to first world nations. Singapore is a microcosm of what is happening across the globe.

As I watched some of them cry silent tears, I wondered what had they been through.
— Tan Xiang Yeow, Kentridge Common



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Writer/ Director duo Patrick Daly and Joel Fendelman have been able to harness their skills to create a unique and complimentary collaboration. They have developed an ethno-narrative style of filmmaking that has been widely lauded for its unique perspective and handling of real locations and non-actors. Their work focuses upon socially important issue and has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

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Writer, Director  //  Patrick Daly

Writer, Director  //  Joel Fendelman

Producer  //  Frank Hall Green

Executive Producer  //  Brian Newman

Co-Producer  //  Gwyneth Teo

Co-Producer  //  Allan F. Nichols

Co-Producer  //  Jennifer D’ Angelo Kircher

Cinematographer  //  Tan Teck Zee

Editor  //  Jon Hammond

Sound Mixer  //  Dimitri Kouri

Composer  //  Gil Talmi

Associate Producer  //  Bradford Walterhouse

Art Director //  Imran Khan

Production Coordinator  //  Abishek Balasubramanian

Casting Director  //  Ng Xi Jie

Social Media  //  Olivia Griselda

Storyboard Artist  //  Luca. L

Make-up Artist  //  Tan Wei Fen



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